CDD India adopts Nature based Systems to ensure water circularity. Nature-based solutions provide environmental solutions to wastewater treatment and safe sanitation practices with infrastructure that is low carbon, consumes less energy, has low resource intensity and contributes to ecosystem services, soil health and Biodiversity.

Land availability to set treatment systems for wastewater is a significant challenge worldwide, particularly in densely populated regions and areas experiencing urbanisation and industrialisation, like India and many other countries in the global south. The land density ratio is very adverse for NBS; countries with less land availability find it challenging to implement NBS systems.

To cater to this, CDD India innovates hybridised solutions. CDD’s approach to hybridisation has been to supplement green and blue-green infrastructure to optimise the conditions that result in the best possible outcomes in limited space. The stringent regulatory requirement on treatment, recovery and recycling requires a higher treatment grade. NBS systems are challenging for an urban setting, limited by time and space availability. CDD uses a hybridised approach to contextualise according to varying geographies and challenges. CDD India’s approach to hybridisation is geared towards innovation through lateral infusion between other treatment systems and technologies while keeping the sustainability of the solutions at the core.