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Mahadevapura Lake, Bangalore

The destructive effect of rapid growth and urbanization seems to be more apparent in Bangalore than any other city in India. A drastically reduced green cover and dying waterbodies have resulted in higher temperatures through the year, robbing the city of its hill-station-like weather. The city’s lakes, in particular, having been bearing the brunt - with a number catching fire because of chemicals from wastewater that is making its way into these lakes.


While the story of urbanization seems to be following the usual storyline, the fate (of atleast a handful) of the city’s lakes seems poised to change. One such lake is the Mahadevapura Lake in East Bangalore. Spread over 26 acres, it is located adjacent to the immaculate Bagmane Tech Park. Over time, as developments have grown around the lake, water hyacinth – the most telling sign of deteriorating water quality - have started to slowly choke its waters.


United Way of Bangalore brought together four tech firms to fund a solution for the lake, as part of their CSR. They selected CDD to help with a solution that would prevent further pollution.A survey undertaken by our team confirmed that sewage from the neighboring areas is the cause of this deterioration. The DEWATS that we are planning to set up will treat this sewage and pump 1 MLD of treated wastewater into the lake everyday. Moreover, many constructed wetlands, both shore-based as well as floating, will ensure that with time, the natural ecosystem and accompanying biodiversity of the lake will get restored eventually.


We hope that this intervention serves to strengthen United Way of Bangalore’s Wake The Lake programme encouraging more CSR funds towards lake restoration in Bangalore.