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Solid Waste Management

Various studies reveal that about 90% of MSW is disposed of unscientifically in open dumps and landfills, creating problems to public health and the environment. The key problems of Solid Waste Management in India are:

1. Sustaining source segregation

2. Scientific planning for logistics of door-to-door collection and transportation systems.

3. Lack of processing and disposal plants for various waste streams

4. Lack of proper incentive structures to integrate these efforts


CDD’s work:

1. Demonstrated pilot Collection & Transportation systems with user fee models

2. Based on pilots, GO279 formulated by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, as a comprehensive and uniform collection and transportation guideline across the state

3. CDD Society appointed state level agency to roll out Capacity Building programs for GO279 implementation across the state

4. Composting operations for 24 towns in Andhra Pradesh with partner Cube BioEnergy, a technical incubatee of CDD Society