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CDD Society is a sanitation-focussed not for profit organisation, formally registered in 2005.  Our team provides solutions across the spectrum – from treating the wastewater of communities, to remediation plans for drains and lakes, to sanitation plans for cities. In order to multiply our impact we dedicate considerable resources to training stakeholders - skilled operators, professional practitioners, municipal engineers, and decision makers. Through these collective efforts we constantly work towards 100% sanitation for all.

Our History
In 2002, it was informally established as a network of partners (individuals and organisations) to understand and address issues of urban sanitation. At that time, affordable and reliable sanitation solutions were hard to come by. The team (of engineers) thus set out to find a solution best suited for India – where skilled manpower and reliable electricity is hard to come. Studying sanitation in other developing countries against these ground realities, they elected to pursue the Decentralised Wastewater Treatment System (DEWATS) in response to India’s unique needs. CDD Society was formally registered as a not-for-profit in 2005 to implement and disseminate this approach to tackling wastewater. 

Our Approach

At CDD we believe that decentralizing sanitation interventions, with emphasis on leveraging existing infrastructure, is the way to go. With exploding populations urban infrastructures are severely challenged. Vertical growth maxes out capacity and horizontal growth results in unserved areas. Decentralized sanitation options complement existing solutions, enable fast implementation, and require low investments thus preventing pollution.



Our Mission


What happens after the flush?

Where does it all go? Is it going into a sewer system, is it being treated or is it being dumped into the environment? With a growing number of people moving to India’s cities and with expansion becoming unmanageable, the answers to these questions become critical to understand how we can work towards a healthy environment.


Release of untreated liquid and solid waste pollutants to the immediate surroundings of a community directly threatens the life and wellbeing of the entire ecosystem - humans, animals, and plants. CDD Society’s mission is to provide robust and sustainable post-toilet infrastructure with the aim of improving health and hygiene, preserving the environment and securing water resources.



Our Impact

  • Setup India's first dedicated Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant in Devanahalli,Bangalore in partnership with the town
  • Built DEWATSTM for Bangalore Metro Rail, ITC factories, IIT Gandhinagar, Aravind Eye Hospital, Flipkart and others;treating wastewater generated by 1.5 lakh people everyday
  • Prepared city sanitation plans for several cities in India (Shimla, Kochi, Raipur, Varanasi and others) and 31 towns in Bangladesh
  • Trained engineers, city managers and decision makers from 20 countries across the world in decentralised sanitation
  • Key Resource Centre for Capacity Building for the Ministry of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation (MoDWSS)