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The objective of the internship and volunteer programmes at CDD Society is to provide a framework through which students from diverse academic backgrounds are assigned to the project activities by enhancing their academic experience through practical work assignments.

Ms. Julia Knop, Short-term Volunteer, CDD Society

July 2015
Julia Knop was born in 1971 in Oberhausen, Germany. She studied photography at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts with Prof. Arno Fischer and Prof. Gisela Scheidler, among others.
She has been living in Hamburg since 1998, where she has worked on her own projects as well as on photo projects for magazines and agencies.
Bangalore has been an important city in her photographic career: In 1997, she photographed the emerging software industry for her Diploma [M.A.] with support from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

  • Julia Knop! This photographer from Hamburg will be with us for some weeks and we are looking forward to a great cooperation and glimps of CDD Society's work through her photographs!

    All the best!

    Team   CDD Society

Ms. Elodie Le Bachelier, Short-term Volunteer, CDD Society

February 2014
Ms. Elodie Le Bachelier holds a Master's degree in Urban Development Engineering in Developing Countries from the Sciences Po Rennes University, France. She volunteered with CDD Society to support the Capacity Building Unit to promote Decentralised Basic Need Services (DBNS) to various stakeholders through specific training programmes.

  • I recently graduated with a Master's Degree in Urban Services Engineering (water supply, sanitation, waste management) and Political Sciences in France, I was looking for an opportunity to apply the knowledge I obtained during my academic education. After travelling in Latin America and Africa, I wanted to experience a totally different culture and apply my skills for the benefit of less-privileged people. I found the perfect place at CDD Society in India.

    Ms. Elodie Le Bachelier

    Short-term Volunteer, CDD Society

Kavya Anil

Intern, Technical team, CDD Society, Oct 2016 - April 2017

Landing an internship is a great way to learn about what I want out of my career as Civil Engineer. It's also one way of getting my foot in door when it comes time to apply for a full-time job at CDD Society.
CDD Society provides with valuable connections and references. Since fresher’s have less experience, being intern was good to exposed to a wide variety of task and responsibilities. It allowed me to showcase my strength by working on different projects. It also helped me to co-ordinate with different team and contributes to CDD Society in any possible way.

Archana Merlin

Intern, Knowledge Management, CDD Society, Oct 2016 - April 2017

Internship at CDD has enhanced my critical thinking and analytical skills as well as improved my professional ability to work efficiently during various demanding requirements. It has offered me a great opportunity to grow and develop. It has allowed me to be able to overcome challenges and develop in my career. It also enabled me to assess my own effectiveness, and identify the skills needed to improve my own effectiveness, and to set a plan for my professional development.

Janani Ravindran

Research Assistant (Intern) Technical Team, CDD Society, Dec-April 2017

What did I learn? I learned everything that people could possibly learn in the first few weeks at their first job and probably even more. My experience as an intern gave me a lot in terms of what I will carry into my future internships and jobs. I learned to work on assignments according to the organization’s needs, to cater to a specific audience in my writing, to balance and prioritize certain assignments over others, to ask questions about aspects that confused me, and to actively listen (something that most people never really learn).
The very first week, I sensed that people are very friendly on more than just professional terms. I saw that in practice throughout the internship when I was encouraged to ask questions, offer up my own ideas, and seek out non-supervisors for help.
I’m glad that I ended up at CDD, because unlike some other internship, there was always an open line of communication between me and my supervisors. Honestly, the term “supervisor” sounds so stiff and official, because didn’t come off as though they were in control of me. They made me feel like they were my mentors and wanted me to be able to take charge of my own projects and learn from them. CDD created this space for me to think for myself, but with the guidance and assistance of the entire office.

Weltwarts Exchange Program 2016-17

CDD Society has been hosting fellows from Germany via the Weltwarts Exchange Program for the past 10 years. The Fellows spend a year at CDD Society working on different projects; practical experience from the projects helps enhance their academic learning. All fellows are committed to working towards reducing the environmental and social damage caused by poor sanitation. This year, we are hosting 6 Fellows from different educational backgrounds, who come from different cities in Germany. Let’s extend a warm welcome to them! We wish them a year filled of new friendships, enhanced cross-cultural awareness, professional learning, and more!


Karlheinz Rackl, Stefanie Fritze, Dorothee Kurz, Daniela Schmitz, Clara Pospischil and Clara Nicolai

Karlheinz Rackl

Karlheinz Rackl has Master’s in International economics. He has served in the military service at Kastellaun and Mainz. He is interested in reading, Yoga and travelling.
I am an Economist and have successfully completed training to become a coordinator in International Project Management. I would now like to build my career in the field of development cooperation.


Stefanie Fritze

Stefanie Fritze has an M.Sc in Urban Planning. She has her interests in painting, drawing, creative designing, photography, gardening, cooking, baking and music.
I am very interested in the fields of urban/rural planning, community development, environmental protection, environmental education, community based sanitation systems, health and hygiene, Decentralized Basic Needs Service and education. Nowadays, I believe these fields to be the most important pillars of our society to strengthen lower social classes in developing countries and to provide them a better and self-determined future.


Dorothee Kurz

Dorothee Kurz has completed a Master of Science in Chemical and Biochemical engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. Having a strong interest in research, two projects ended up in scientific posters presented at international conferences. Further, she has interests in Lacrosse, Badminton, playing French horn and foreign travelling.
I am working in a project about the production of biogas from solid municipal waste via anaerobic digestion. This topic led my interest towards the wastewater treatment work being done by CDD society as the technologies have many overlapping aspects.


Daniela Schmitz

Daniela Schmitz is pursuing Master’s degree study in environmental engineering with the emphasis environmental process engineering. She has teaching experience in the course “Introduction to Process Engineering”. She has interests in music and plays flute.
My intention is to start a professional career in the field of wastewater treatment, because I think it's one of the most important issues to make peoples life humane. With working in one of your projects I hope to gain practical working experience in this sector.


Clara Pospischil

Clara Pospischil completed her secondary schooling in Vienna, Austria. She has a Bachelors degree in Anthropology and as well as a degree in spatial planning. Her interests include teaching English to the children, counseling and organizing events and programs.
I am always looking out possibilities to combine my technical knowledge on urban transformations and sustainability with my deep interest in the process of globalization and the fight for human rights and against poverty.


Clara Nicolai

Clara Nicolai is pursuing Bachelor degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) major in Earth and Environmental Sciences. She has wide range of interest in Hiking, running, rock climbing, biking and playing music (flute, singing), dancing (swing, Latin), programming, cooking, travelling and learning languages.
I am interested in water-related issues, specifically the safety of drinking water and sanitary systems in urban areas. I would like to know more about how urbanization can be made more sustainable worldwide and how to improve the quality of life for city dwellers and commuters alike.