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Since its inception CDD Society is implementing Decentralised Basic Need Services through collaborations with international and national funding partners focusing on water and sanitation. The activities of the present alliance are given below:

Poverty alleviation and Sustainable Protection of Natural Resources in South Asia and Latin America


Strengthening the Operation & Maintenance Sector for Servicing Decentralized Urban Sanitation Infrastructure in Karnataka, India


Specific Objectives

 Support city governments to implement O&M related recommendations of relevant policies and advisory notes such as the septage management advisory note for decentralized sanitation infrastructure.


 Help improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of O&M services for decentralised urban sanitation infrastructure.


 Disseminate knowledge of new approaches to O&M of decentralized urban sanitation infrastructure to non targeted cities.


Recent Activities

In order to formally launch the project, a two days workshop was organised in Bangalore on 20th and 21st January, 2014 at the Centre for Advanced Sanitation Solutions (CASS). The main object of the workshop was to seek expert input from sector specialists to improve the project design, which included revisiting the set of objectives of the project, suggesting necessary activities and strategies and support of government institutions like Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB), Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) and others to anchor the project at state level. Seventy people from the sanitation sector attended the Workshop.

  City selection criteria – preliminary criteria
 Visit to preliminary cities to collect data in accordance to the city selection criteria – both primary as well as secondary data, at this stage of the project Analysis against the selection criteria and ranking
 Short-listing of 4 cities
 Preparation of a 2nd level selection criteria

 City visits to evaluate against selection criteria - ongoing

Strengthening and Empowering Urban Local Authorities in the Delivery of Decentralised Sanitation Services


Urban Local Bodies in Development

The aim of the project is to contribute to integrated action at municipality level to reduce poverty, support inclusive and sustainable economic development, environmentally safe sanitation and improve the health situation of urban poor. It is also aimed to achieve this through strengthening of MCS and four other ULBs in Himachal Pradesh in delivering decentralised, integrated sanitation services focusing on un-served settlements and urban poor residing in the targeted cities of Himachal Pradesh. Visit Website →