CDD India News Letters

ISSUE 3 | VOLUME 13 | JULY 2015

Training Programme



CDD Society is now empanelled by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation as a Key Resource Center. The efforts of the Center of Advanced Sanitation Solutions (CASS), CDD Society’s training institution which capacitates engineers, project managers, social workers, service providers and so on from government, ULBs, NGOs, consulting agencies and academics through conferences, workshops, seminars and guest lectures, have been recognised.


Mr. Stefan Reuter gave an interview for the latest issue of e-Disha during his visit to CDD Society in last week of June 2015

Mr. Reuter started his career with Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association as senior consultant and Deputy Director. With work experience across the globe including China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam and with more than 20 years of sector specific experience, he is presently the Director of BORDA addressing sanitation related networks worldwide.


DEWATS for Indian Institute Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) Ghandhinagar Gujarat


IIT Gandhinagar is committed to promoting excellence in science, technology, as well as the humanities and social sciences and to the development of rounded and nuanced minds. CDD Society is providing consultancy service for design of SME DEWATS implementation for IIT Permanent Campus in Village Palaj, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Expert Consultation Meet- CDD Society's newly launched Project – Nexus


CDD Society is establishing a new project, named Nexus which is aimed at closing the sanitation loop by linking sanitation, food, water, energy and health. More specifically, the project aims to address hunger and undernourishment through a two-pronged strategy. On one hand, the project will work on improving the sanitation situation so that a favourable environment for food production and digestion is created, while on the other hand, increasing the supply of food by using nutrient-rich wastewater for food production.


Training programme on Community Based Waste Management