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City Sanitation Planning

Citywide Sanitation Planning

CDD Society brings across an integrative and holistic planning approach crucial to accomplish a city sanitation plan. The focus is on integration of decentralised sanitation approaches complimenting centralised conventional systems ensuring entire population to have adequate access to basic sanitation services.

With increasing urbanisation, centralised systems are often unable to cope with the ever increasing demand to manage sanitation infrastructure. As a result, many settlements remain un-served.

Decentralised sanitation infrastructure and services have proven to be an effective solution for addressing the problem by complementing the existing centralised system.

CSP - Approach

 Open defecation free cities
 Integrated citywide sanitation planning
 Inclusive approach – focus on urban poor, women and children
 Shift from centralised/conventional centric approach to decentralised approaches complimenting centralised systems
 Selection of various technological options suiting local conditions
 City specific strategy and plan


Evaluations of Sanitation Status

CDD Society’s expert team evaluates status of sanitation in coastal towns of Bangladesh. The team has suggested implementation of measures while considering appropriate innovative sanitation technologies. Continue reading →

Sanitation and Climate Change

Evaluating the Impact of the Service Delivery Chain of Sanitation on Climate Variability and Assessing the Impacts of Extreme Climate Events on Sanitation Systems. Continue reading →

Citywide Sanitation Planning

CDD has been engaged by various state governments, international organisations and NGOs for the preparation of citywide plans.View city sanitation map of Kolhapur →