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Capacity Building

Capacity Building programmes at CDD Society provides a wide range of training, education and awareness programmes to enhance the capacity for implementing improved sanitation solutions on a larger scale.

Centre for Advanced Sanitation Solutions was set up as an extended arm of BORDA, CDD Society and RGRHCL to create a committed resource pool in the space of Water and Sanitation. It was envisioned as a learning centre to meet the knowledge and capacity gap among sector professionals and policy makers.

CASS has been empanelled as Key Resource Centre (KRC) by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation – Govt. of India


  Our aim is to bring about an attitudinal shift towards concerns of solid waste, water and sanitation by sharing knowledge in an engaging manner

  Our programs are conducted by field-level experts using a variety of experiential techniques –from case studies to field visits

  CASS designs trainings for ULBs, NGOs, private entities &international organisations Programs cover a complete spectrum of the solution – Concept, Design and Implementation

  The learner is at the core of our training– content and methodology is customised each time to suit the specific background of the participants

  We address every professional in the sanitation value chain – from on-the-ground skilled workers – plumbers, masons to policy makers – government functionaries


  • CASS promotes an attitudinal reorientation towards emerging concerns of solid waste, water and sanitation.

  • CASS envisages to create a critical mass of thought leaders, skilled professionals and experts who believe in a sustainable way forward in building solutions for water and sanitation.

  • The training programs aim to foster practical knowledge among practitioners and impart core skills for delivering water and sanitation solutions.

  • The programs also aim to sensitize participants towards the social, economic, and political environment in which sanitation and sustainability measures are implemented.

Training Topics